High Potential Identification and Development

Are you looking to identify and develop high potential employees for leadership positions in your organisation? As business psychologists we have extensive experience in providing independent and robust assessment of high potentials for leadership positions using some of the most advanced psychometrics, methods and tools in the market. As independent assessors not tied to any test publisher, we can recommend the best tools for your organisation and needs whether it is for identification or development (or both).

According to renowned psychologist Hogan only about 30% of current high performers are high potentials for leadership positions.

I can help to design (and deliver) an assessment for leadership potential and / or leadership development programmes.

“I recommend to avoid labelling few employees as ‘high potentials’ as this can be demotivating to the remaining workforce. I believe everyone has a high potential or talent for something even if it is not for leadership positions.” 

Zuzana Robertson C.Psychol (Director)

At Ober, we can help your organisation to identify each participant’s talents and explore their interests to ensure they are in a role where those talents can be fully utilised and where they feel fulfilled.

Our High Potential assessments can help to build a talent pipeline. We can help you find those that can build high-performing teams and have a positive impact on the business and the bottom line – your future leaders. Our talent solutions can help your organisation to increase person-job match, job satisfaction and engagement. We can also help to facilitate three-way career development discussions with employees and HR if needed.

We now also offer bespoke high potential development programmes consisting of bite-size training sessions tailored to your business need that can be delivered in your offices or virtually – no need for your high performing employees to take day(s) off work saving you money and time. We can help you design your own company leadership development programme designed to meet the future needs of your organisation.