Bespoke Development Programme design

At OBER Group we design development programmes bespoke to your organisation and your business challenges. It may include up-skilling your employees to meet the future needs of your organisation. Our bespoke development programmes are designed to help you solve your business challenges.

Our organisational psychologists will work with you to develop your programme that you can brand yourself and we can train your L&D specialists / trainers to deliver it in-house saving you many thousands.

We specialise in designing bespoke training programmes or bite-size modules for the new digital age. The training is backed up by science and organisational know-how incorporating your training goals and the context (your organisation, culture and strategy). We believe that generic training programmes do not provide the same value or ROI as do tailored ones aimed at solving your unique problems or business challenges.

Our development programmes designed by our senior business psychologists are scalable and delivered in a number of bite-size training or development sessions. We offer flexibility in terms of the content and format of the training that can be delivered online anywhere in the world by you. We provide one-on-one Train-the-Trainer sessions and can run an accreditation programme for each trainer to ensure high quality of trainers to deliver the training across your organisation.

We also provide one-to-one leadership coaching aimed at making leaders more effective – these are bespoke to each individual.

Below are just few examples of training sessions that our highly experienced trainers can deliver:

We also specialise in wellbeing training in a ‘bite-size module’ format that can be delivered by your in-house trainer even over the lunch.

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