Hiring better leaders with OBER Profiling¬© executive assessments

An estimated 82 percent of business leaders fall short of their managerial expectations according to a recent write-up in Forbes. Based on a report from Harvard Business Review, more than 60 percent of executives admit being unprepared for the challenges of leadership roles, and at least half fail within the first 18 months of being hired for such positions.

At OBER Group we use Business Psychologists who are experienced assessors to Board level. Our rigorous leadership assessment process provides in-depth information on strengths and areas of development to enable organisations to make the right hiring decisions and add value to the bottom line.

Hiring decisions at the senior leadership level can be costly if the wrong candidate is chosen to fill the position. Potential repercussions include lost revenue, damaged reputation and high employee turnover to name a few.

Having assessed hundreds of executives we know what success looks like in leadership roles. We also have extensive experience in the financial services and with the regulatory environment and its requirements.

We specialise in executive assessment to C-level and also identification of High-potentials. We use a multi-dimensional approach to assessment and are trained in a number of psychometric tools which help to identify those with a potential or readiness to move to more senior roles enabling effective succession planning from Emerging Leaders to C-suite level. We are independent of any test publishers and as such are able to use the most cutting-edge tools to add value to each of our clients to meet their specific business and strategic needs.

The context of the role matters and off-the-shelf solutions can only provide generic assessments. We are proud to be unique and provide truly bespoke executive assessments.

We tailor our approach to each organisation and role.

We offer comprehensive executive assessments to C-suite level, each of which is a bespoke service, tailored to the specific needs of the client in question as well as the position to be filled. By looking beyond the standard job qualifications and immediate aspects, our team is able to help businesses fully meet their long-term goals and succeed where others fall short.”

Check our OBER Profiling leadership assessments that are bespoke and flexible.


Exploring your career options with career coach

Zuzana Robertson C.Psychol is experienced Occupational Psychologist and Career Coach based in London. She provides career advisory services to clients globally. She is passionate about helping others to find career that excites them and leverages theirs strengths.

Are you stuck in a career rut or transitioning to a new role?

Zuzana has helped many people to explore career options or to transition to a new role.

In 1:1 career coaching sessions you will explore not only your strengths but also your motives, values and preferences to determine the type of environment / role that might suit you best.

Zuzana Robertson AFBPsS C.Psychol CSci is HCPC Registered Occupational Psychologist and a Chartered member & Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology, EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council), International Society for Coaching Psychology and Association of Business Psychologists.